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Entropy Demons
By Guo Wei
date created: 2021-06-26

Artist Statement:
Entropy is the process in which energy reaches equilibrium. Everything in the universe is in the process of entropy and inches forth moment by moment to their final resting state, nothingness. If you view the universe through the lens of entropy, life itself speeds up entropy. The simple act of us existing, no matter what we do, only serves to speed up entropy. All life serves this purpose, but humans are the most efficient. Life attempts to slow down its internal entropy via actions that keep it alive, but in doing so speeds up the entropy of the universe as a whole. If you were to view creation/light as good and destruction/darkness as evil. Then all life is evil. We are entropy demons. I wanted to express this idea through this painting. The sun at the top radiates energy while the greedy hands of life absorb it to grow and in turn take on different forms from fish to humans. Humans being at the bottom represents us as the ones best at increasing entropy. Life created from the energy faces away from the sun towards nothingness, our ultimate destination.
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